About Me


U Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar’s expression unfolds many visual references that naturally connect and relate to almost everyone. Each work exemplifies a particular thought that reinstates the complexity of human life. Having faced many struggles since childhood, the artist has experienced and understood life in all its true colors -which gets reflected in his vast body of work.

Through all stages of life, he created art and his paintings have become a medium to vent his feelings wherein the abstract vocabulary amalgamates symbolic references and strengths. His work imbibes a deeply rooted belief and an unfaltering conviction towards his creative impetus. He had paved a self-defined path decades back which he has never thought of detouring from or changing for any kind of rewards and applauds. His style refuses to imitate or show inspiration of or follow neither any trend nor any popular stylization. He continues to do his work in a mature, metaphorical, and conceptually strong expression that draws inspiration from artist’s own observations of life, his contemplations and thought processes.
His very first rendezvous with creativity and fine arts goes back to his childhood days when he started drawing sketches of his village surroundings.

During middle school he drew inspiration and guidance from his beloved art teacher, Narendra Rai. It was through him that he got introduced to the techniques and sensitivities of varied fine arts media.When he decided to pursue his graduate and post graduate studies in fine arts from MS University, Baroda, it was like a natural extension of the passion that had already been kindled during his school days. In Baroda, he was fortunate to learn a lot of intricacies about art through classes and close association with great teachers such as KG Subramanian, Nasreen Mohammedi, Jeram Patel and Krishna Chhatpar.

His connection with visual language strengthened with the help of experiences he gathered from his stay in Baroda and he delved deep into the very core of self and the society. Since then, he made sure to retain freshness and uniqueness in every thought that he gave vent to through his work. His visual diction refuses to repeat or attain a measured momentum or streak of resemblance to earlier work. In each work, a particular shade absorbed from vast terrain of varied and iridescently hued feelings and emotions gets exemplified. Amalgamating all aspects of human experiences, his works portray the positive as well as darker sections that are a part and parcel of life. The distortions in portrayal of human figures, flora and fauna gets defined according to the needs of the concept. Through minimalistic, abbreviated, symbolic and metaphysical approach the visual dialogue is arranged in crisp precision. Each delineation, form, tint and shade, presence of everything on the space of the canvas has a relevant connection and direct link with the artist’s core concept.

Work for him is akin to worship, a daily ritual, and a way of embracing life in all its entirety. In accordance with his belief and personalized motto about expression he works dedicatedly from his studio, Tapas, in Hyderabad. Amidst the quiet ambience of the studio, he unravels the depths of varied emotional upheavals that define human existence.
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